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Leo Fung, Ph.D.


Professor Leo Fung graduated from Biological Science in Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario and obtained Bachelor in Biological Sciences (pass with distinction) in 1984. After returning to Hong Kong, he took a Chinese Medicine program in Chinese Medical Institute and obtained the Bachelor of Chinese Traditional Medicine in 1989. He then practiced as a TCM practitioner and acupuncturists for 14 years before he became a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner in 2003. Professor Fung completed his Doctor of Education program in the University of Leicester in U.K. in 2005 and he was also awarded Doctor of Medicine from the Zhejiang University of Chinese Medicine in 2009. Besides teaching in the Hong Kong Polytechnic as a visiting lecturer, he used to deliver health talks and seminars in various institutes, high schools, community centers, colleges, churches and aged homes in Hong Kong. His major research studies is internal medicine and he specializes in irritable bowel syndromes. After migrating to Canada in 2014, Professor Fung was employed by the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a professor in teaching theories in both Chinese herbs and acupuncture and clinical supervision. He is also a Chartered Biologist of Royal Society of Biology in U.K. since 1991, a reviewer of the Journal of Asia-PacificForum in Science Teaching and Learning, and the Vice-Chairman of Hong Kong Association for Computer Education. His publications and papers covered Traditional Chinese Medicine, Education and Information Technology.

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