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Amir Hooman Kazemi, M.D., clinical Ph.D., Post Doc. (Iran)

Prof. Hooman is the Doctor of western medicine (M.D.), Clinical Ph.D. of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture, Post Ph.D. of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine
Prof. Amir Hooman Kazemi is the Vice President of the world federation of acupuncture;  and Professor of Beijing University of Chinese medicine; He also is the Advisor to traditional medicine office of the ministry of health of Iran and Advisor to Iran ministry of health and medical education of Iran for complementary medicine. Prof. Hooman teaching acupuncture and Chinese medicine to many students from more than 50 countries in Beijing University of Chinese medicine and Tehran University and delivering Lecture about Acupuncture in different countries such as China, Iran, USA, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Netherlands, Turkey, Oman, Russia and .....
He published 5 books in English and Chinese about acupuncture and published 6 Books in the Persian language about acupuncture and Chinese medicine; 

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