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Qi Gong Cultivation

Date & Time: Friday 11am - 1pm (Starting January 6 - April 26)

Duration: 30 hours, over the course of 4 months

Fee: $390

Qi Gong translates directly as "energy work" from Mandarin. Where qi (energy or life force) circulates through our body much like the blood vessel. Our day-to-day life with stress and prolonged sedentary posture forces the qi to slow down and fester in place. Symptom like lethargy, lack of focus appears, and be prone to getting sick.

This class teaches the fundamental qigong exercises of both moving and stationary styles. Student learn to become deeply aware of their own qi and how to use it to remain centered and relaxed, to cleanse and disperse stagnant qi, and build their reserves. We also learn how to integrate these exercises and awareness your sense of well-being.

This course will be taught by Sifu Shi Chang Dao from the Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute. He was formally trained by traditional Shaolin Master Shi Guo Song.

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