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Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutrition for Spring & Summer Seasons

Variety of red and green vegetable, parsley, red peppers, yam, carrot and red onion

DATE: Sunday, April 30

TIME: 1 pm - 5 pm

FEE: $65

When the weather gets warmer, our body’s nutritional needs have to adapt. Adjusting our diet is the best ways to maintain a healthy balance state.

This is a comprehensive class that apply principles of traditional Chinese medicine, according to the Five Elements theory, the liver is related to the wood element, which is associated with spring. Consequently, the liver can be impacted contributing to low energy, sluggishness, mood disorders, skin conditions, constipation and seasonal allergies. Supporting and detoxing the liver help bring about balance in the body leading to more energy, better moods and clearer skin. We will cover how to use the information about nutrition to prevent these negative symptoms before they occur. This course will prepare you for spring and how to adjust the body's nutritional need for the following season.

The workshop begins with a review of the Chinese food classification. You will learn how to support the liver and the detoxification process through proper diet, lifestyle changes, and the use of detoxifying foods to prepare the body for the seasonal change.

The workshop is all about food: how different cooking methods affect the nature of food and benefit the body, there are health benefits to detoxifying in spring, and how to create food plans that include modern-day superfoods.

The course is being taught by Rita Mustafa, a Holistic Nutritionist & Register Acupuncturist at Oasis Health & Wellness.

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